About BookEuropa!

BookEuropa! is the European Movement in Scotland’s answer to a thinly spread membership and a cold climate.  We were keen to start a book group to find and discuss good books on, and from, Europe – but with members all over the country and chill winter nights, we realised that the chances of actually getting people together in the same place were pretty slim.

The great advantage of BookEuropa! is that it gives us the chance to interact with people outside Scotland, in other parts of Europe and further afield.  I hope that we will be able to find books to appeal not only to Brits but to others who know – or want to find out about – European affairs.

We have started off with only two categories of books – Travel, History and Culture, and Political Analysis.   It would be fun to expand into other areas – especially Literature. As well as a rich variety of novels with a European theme, there is of course the huge treasure-trove of European literature to choose from.    What have you read that really gave you a buzz?   We’d be delighted to have suggestions for future bookgroup topics – and even more so if you can write a review to introduce your choice!


1 Response to About BookEuropa!

  1. Gill says:

    Excellent idea! We’re far too nation-centric in the four nations. (I’m hiding under a rock for responses to that one…).

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